Summer collection from Acappella by Dimanche

Collection Gioia with its humorous prints in the form of elephants and translucent chiffon inserts, which will brighten up any gloomy mood and lift your spirit. Tops in the style of a babydoll will emphasize the figures positive traits; while the exquisite chiffon drapery and folds will hide the flaws. Also, the straps allow you to adjust the length of the top to various heights and they serve as an additional decorative element in the form of bows. The shorts are specially tailored to be without side seams for maximum comfort. Particular attention should be paid to the gentleness of the breathable material, which provides an optimal microclimate around the skin and gives it a cooling sensation, even in the hot weather.

Capsule collection Raffinata personifies refinement, dynamism and at the same time femininity. The use of a denser staple cloth and semitransparent chiffon in the collection, makes it ideal for a romantic natur and feminine form. Its graceful silhouettes, neatly decorate the appliqués in the openwork chevrons of the contrasting black colour. One of the benefits of the collection is the gentle powdery colour, which favourably emphasizes all skin tones. Also, it is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions; for example, as a morning look for a bride.

Charm of lightness — the most accurate description of the Carezza line, products which will present both pleasant tactile sensations and true aesthetic pleasure. The sets of pastel, give off a powered hue which creates freshness in the morning and ease in the evening. While the delightful, breathable material Super Soft; will provide unsurpassed comfort. Due to its structure, it will always allow you to look great because it is perfectly draped and practically does not wrinkle.