Showing of Dimanche S.r.l. lingerie in Spain

On March 20, 2016 a lingerie show was held on the sunny island of Tenerife Spain — The organizers of the event were our long time and loyal Spanish Partner Dodo Intimo. During the event, the audience appreciated the fashion and classic collections from Dimanche S.r.l. and other brands. The show was held at the Kaluna Beach Club, known for their glamorous pool parties. On March 20 the club was turned into fashion catwalk — the beautiful Spanish models showed off lingerie from the collections of Stella, Emma (Rosa Selvatica) and Justine, Adore (Dimanche Lingerie). The event attracted the attention of tourists and locals to the posh products of Dimanche S.r.l. and contributed to finding new customers for Dodo Intimo, located at:

Avd. de Los Pueblos 20 Centro Comercial San Eugenio Bajo Local Nº10 Costa AdejeTenerife.

We are very proud of our Partners!

Thank you for your creativity and dedication to our business and partnership!