Presentation of new lingerie collections from Dimanche Lingerie


On october, 24 in Nizhny Novgorod; in the framework of the annual tour, Dimanche Lingerie S.r.l. hosted a fashion show which showcased its new collections.

Classics are easily combined with glamour and luxury, oriental motifs, French chic and most importantly-stunning lace patterns.

With exquisite style and beautiful lingerie that will give oneself confidence, and makes a girl irresistible.

Several collections made great impressions on our customers, which we will tell you a bit later.

Designers have created an amazing symphony of temptation and tenderness, using the most sensual floral notes and a spectacular shade of emerald. Collection Esmeraldo is like a real gem, that fascinates and awakens emotions and feelings.

Design is in the strappy lingerie style — collection Invito is a trendy flavor, which shouldn’t be hidden under clothes! The collection is made from elegant French lace with eyelashes and fine micro tulle; and is decorated with erotic «strips» and satin bows. A lot of models were specifically developed for the Invito collection; therefore, giving it its unique status.

Collection Adore — is the perfection of style and immaculacy of performance. It is designed to awake your feelings, to conquer, to enchant, not to leave a chance. The openwork lace ribbons and the shiny soft stretch satin creates an impression of solemnity and majesty. While the passionate and incendiary colors, are like the rhythms of Latin American melodies; allows women to reveal their brightest facets of natures.

This is only part of the new collection, wonder what’s further?