New fashion collection Praline is already on sale!

Dear partners!

We would like to inform you, that as of today; the women’s lingerie collection Praline went on sale – from our own Rosa Selvatica brand!
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The delicate lace and pearl color make the Praline collection perfect for the spring-summer season.

Floral motifs make each model very feminine and romantic. While, image clarity and color saturation are achieved by laser printing on high-tech equipment, so that the print on different materials used in the Praline collection looks identical. An exquisite lace pattern of large flowers lends a bohemian touch to the look for a luxurious feel. The decor in the form of miniature buttons makes you fall in love at first sight, drawing attention to the most piquant area – the neckline.


The lace is made of textured polyamide threads, which cause the texture of the fabric to be airy and almost smooth; at the same time extremely durable, resistant to abrasion and peeling. The variety of lace fabric bases creates soft transitions; a play of halftones and saturation; and the use of a twisted thread emphasizes the beauty and sophistication of the plant pattern.


A very gentle microfiber is used in Praline, that not only has hypoallergenic properties, but also protection from snags. The print, repeating the lace pattern, is applied to the material by a laser printing method; which guarantees its durability and preserves the original appearance of the products for a long time.


The stretch satin gives an attractive gloss, and with proper care it retains its qualities for a long time. It will also, sparkle beautifully in different shades, emphasizing the figure favorably. Among the advantages of the material is the ability not to wrinkle or shrink after washing.

Lastly, the inner part of the bra is made of a cotton membrane, and the gusset is made of 100% cotton. Thanks to this, wearing any model from this collection will provide a feeling of comfort all day long.

Collection Praline includes:

  • Push-up gel bra with a molded cup;
    •    Balconette bra with a molded cup;
    •    Balconette bra with a semi-soft cup;
    •    Three models of bottoms: brazilian, brazilian maxi and panty
    •    Set: Top and shorts;
    •    Two chemise models with a soft cup;
    •    Top;
    •    Shorts;
    •    Kimono.