Lingerie collection Lirica in black colour has been delivered to the Dimanche Lingerie warehouse!

Dear partners!

Just the other, we received collection Lirica in black! You already can place orders for this collection through the catalog (do not forget, first you need to register on our site and pass on your information to our manager) or call us at +7 495 287 73 90 or by email at

Classical collection Lirica — is the quintessence of many years of experience by the Dimanche Lingerie designers! Whether you pick a model with the combination of lace and microfiber or just lace, they will be perfect to matter what!

Collection Lirica is made from silky microfiber and fine lace with a floral design. The use of exclusive lace patterns, and delicate elastic materials will provide for a perfect fit, support and comfort. When choosing the lace, the Dimanche Lingerie specialists paid special attention to the weaving, and gave preference to French sophistication and Italian luxury. As well as, its composition and properties — softness and elasticity. Therefore, the lace not only looks attractive but will also last a long time!

Microfiber — an ideal lingerie fabric. It is not only hypoallergenic, but also has incredible softness and tenderness due to its fine fiber. Due to the microfibers tactile sensations it is difficult to distinguish from silk; but, its main advantage and distinctive quality is wear resistance and ease of care! The gusset and inner layers of the bra are made from 100% cotton, which will give you a feeling of comfort throughout the day.

Collection Lirica in black colour includes:

    • three types of bras (cup Jespe, Allonge and Ribera; gel filler with push-up and two balconettes);
    • three types of undies (two types of Brazilian and panty);
    • garter belt.

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