Festival results from Dimanche Lingerie in Moscow!

On April, 10 at the Event-Hull «InfoSpace» (Moscow) Dimanche Lingerie held its first ever festival for lingerie buyers. Rumyantseva, Lyuboi (Head of the training department for Dimanche Lingerie) discussed the topic of how to sell in a crisis and everyone needs to wake up to the reality of the situation. After the seminar, some of the clients noted that this was precisely the kick they needed to open up their eyes and start adapting to the new realities in retail sales.

The fashion show of new collections from the Dimanche Lingerie company and the presentation of a new Italian brand Acappella (by Dimanche); was one of the main reasons for so many visitors attending the festival. Judging by the reviews of our dear participants, we can say that we are on the right track!

The super useful and genuine seminar by Kutuzova Tatiana (invited specialist on business promotion in the sphere of social media); flew by an instant and it seemed that no one wanted to disperse from the seminar, as to not miss a single tool that could help a store owner attract customers through the use of social media.

While the cherry on top became the life examples and metaphors told during the seminar «The store is a girl, looking for relationships» by Kolosov, Anatoly. His experiences and advice will definitely help many owners of lingerie stores.

We sincerely thank all the invited speakers and participants of this festival for your cooperation, useful experience and positive emotions.