Dimanche Lingerie in Rimini

Dear partners, we are very proud to announce to you; that Dimanche Lingerie has opened up a store in a large resort town of Rimini, Italy!

The boutique is designed in a new style of shabby chic. This style has been created for the Dimanche Lingerie chain stores: light walls and floor, elegant furniture with baroque motifs, romantic décor; and of course luxurious lingerie from the Dimanche S.r.l. brands!

The boutique is located practically in the heart of the city. With its beautiful scenery and exquisite architecture is what makes Rimini an ideal vacation destination for tourists around the world, including Italian tourists from other cities. If you plan on visiting Rimini at some point, make sure to visit the Dimanche Lingerie store; where you will be able to appreciate the cozy atmosphere, a European service and a wide selection of our lingerie collections.

Address: Via Aurelio Bertola, 28, Rimini, RN, Italia

Tel: +39 (0541) 7090 482″