Bestseller — new collection of sleep wear and home wear from our Acappella brand is available at the Dimanche Lingerie warehouse

Dear partners!

Available now for order brand new summer collections of sleepwear and home wear from the trademark of Acappella (by Dimanche). Two collections of —Tenerezza and Fiato is open for sale and we are sure that it will be the hit of the current season!

When you do not want to limit yourself to basic home looks — now is the time to pay attention to something more original and at the same time comfortable. Collection Tenerezza from the Acappella brand will make this possible. The light lace with cilia and a very delicate main material of Super Soft are wonderful companions in creating comfortable feel and luxurious look.

Collection Fiato.
In everyday life, sleepwear is an important part of making your rest comfortable and excellent. Therefore, this collection is the natural choice for everyday life.
The word «Fiato» means breath in Italian. The designers of the Acappella trademark tried to convey the meaning for this expression to the collection to the max. The model’s trims are made freely, not to fit the figure tightly; allowing you to move freely. While, the light weight and translucent materials allow air to pass through; making it possible for your skin to breath and to provide a cooling effect on those hot summer days. Lastly, the openwork chevrons serve as an elegant addition, by making coquettish notes in each image.