Adore in a peach colour

At the Moscow warehouse Dimanche Lingerie S.r.l. received a new fashion collection called Adore from the Dimanche Lingerie line! This lingerie will be a perfect replacement for the nude set you have because of its delicate peach shade in combination with a cream shade lace. Thanks to the careful attention to detail and high-quality materials, any set from the Adore collection will please its owner for a long time.

The collection is made from microfiber and a braided. Microfiber – is a soft knitted fabric, which has excellent extensibility and skin breathability. Dimanche Lingerie s.r.l. uses only hypoallergenic fabric with protection against stretching and fading; which guarantees its high quality. Choosing the lace, requires a special attention to its design; gives preference to French sophistication and Italian luxury; as well as the composition and properties — the softness and elasticity of the fabric.